The Original Idea

Posted by William Hess on

The problem that I was trying to solve, was that I don't like sharing my drink with the insects.  The two common solutions are to constantly wave your hands over your drink, or to cover it with anything available.  Instead of relying on the paper coasters that are usually available, I used InstaMorph, moldable plastic to make a cover that I could easily clean.

A simple plastic cover, to keep bugs out.

The end result was a thin white hockey puck that fit over a pint glass.  

For the purpose of keeping bugs out, the cover worked.  One of the first obstacles was how lazy I can be.   If I had to remove the lid, take a drink and then place the lid back on; the lid soon stayed off.

So I had to devise a better way.  The lid had to be attached, easy to open and very easy to close.  Any hurdle is just another excuse to stop using a product.

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