Beta Testing

Posted by William Hess on

We have opened up the beta test and sent out an email for volunteers.  To get the widest variety of locations, we'll be pick people from across the United States.  We will be shipping a 3D printed prototype of the Pintstein.

Even though we are excited to get the Pintstein into people's hand, supplies will be limited.  3D printing is a fantastic way of creating something new, but it is not a substitute for manufacturing.  If we can keep the 3D printers running, we may be able to produce 1 or 2 Pintsteins a day.

The quality of the 3D printed pieces are not as good as the plastic injected molded ones.  The 3D printing leave a rougher texture on the outside.  The other draw back is that the pieces made with printing, are not a strong as those made with injection molding.  After awhile, 3D printed pieces will begin to warp.

That being said, I think the prototypes will give users a better idea of the product.  Hopefully we'll get feedback so we know what works and if anything needs to be changed.

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